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Sail bags supporting children in need

These beautiful, unique sail bags are hand sewn by a lovely couple in Saigon, Vietnam, providing work for unemployed Vietnamese people needing income.

The material for these bags is used sail cloth recycled from a very special, 36-foot sailboat built in 1965 named "Ti", and other well-traveled sailboats.

100% of the proceeds to Duc Son Orphanage

When Gregg & Caroline Marston, founders of Shake Hands with the World, visited Duc Son Orphanage in Hue, Vietnam, they were moved by what they saw and experienced and they wanted to find a way to give back. They decided to have the sail bags manufactured by Vietnamese people needing work, sell the bags in the USA, then donate the full proceeds to the orphanage.






"Having traveled the world for 41 years, having observed much of the hardship and strife of today, and now understanding more about the American conflict in Vietnam in the 60s and 70s, it is very gratifying to give back to the children of this country." 

— Gregg Marston, Co-Founder





Over 200 children raised, 40+ years

The Duc Son Orphanage was founded by Minh Tu, a Buddhist nun, shortly after the Vietnam conflict ended. She and others have raised over 200 children in the past 40+ years. 

But they struggle. They need food -- good quality food; clothing; bedding; and books for school so that they can become educated. They need social skills to develop themselves as worthy young people in an impoverished country.








Our goal is to collectively raise $15,000

The proceeds from these sail bags are part of a goal to raise $15,000 to fund a project that will help sustain the orphanage by developing an organic mushroom hothouse and farm. The children are fed locally grown, organic food to teach them nutrition and keep them healthy. 







Family + local collaboration

Gregg and Caroline Marston are collaborating with a local woman, who is a former business partner from their VBT days, to monitor the process and to ensure accountability. Our local friend and her family have known Minh Tu for decades. The children of the orphanage are Minh Tu's family, to whom she has dedicated her heart and her life. 

Please consider purchasing a sail bag.

You will indeed impact a deserving child in a positive way.